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Why seek an interior designer in Annecy?

To be accompanied from start to finish by a qualified and qualified interior designer, with expertise and skills in housing as well as the professional insurance required for interior renovation work. The experience of our interior designers allows you to project yourself into your development project in Annecy and Geneva before starting the renovation of your home: specific characteristics of the project, budget to be expected, timing, etc.

Benefit from the skills of our interior designers on the selection of materials, colors, furniture, decoration, lighting, equipment, etc.



Interior Designer & Architect


Hristina Talupska

DE Architect and Interior Designer

What are the missions of our interior designers?

Its recommendations will allow you to transform your future interior with the right choices in terms of layout and decoration. Our interior designers will help you project yourself into your home in Annecy and Geneva using the graphic elements provided (plans and 3D renderings on computer). Our interior designers help you control the budget in complete transparency with our service providers selected for their high level of skills in Annecy and with the required civil and ten-year liability insurance: masonry, electricity, plumbing, carpentry, painting, fitter, etc.  A real conductor of the habitat, our interior designers offer you the certainty of maximizing the success of your interior project in complete peace of mind.

Why be accompanied by a project manager in Annecy?

Whether you have a small apartment, a duplex loft, an old apartment, renovating its interior offers many advantages. Improving comfort, optimizing space, transforming interior decoration, creating/arranging new rooms, bringing electrical/plumbing/carpentry installations up to standard or even modifying a kitchen or bathroom... this helps to beautify your apartment or house to make it more pleasant to live in. Metamorphoz offers you the services of a project manager to support you in your real estate project and manage the entire renovation site (project management).​


Aurelie Lutz-Boucher

Project manager




We support you throughout your construction project


Our interior designers are attentive to your desires and your needs in order to accompany you in the renovation of your future apartment or house.


No surprises! Our interior designers offer you solutions for  control the budget in full transparency.


Our team of interior designers will guide you in the choice  materials, colors, furniture, decoration, lighting, equipment...


Our 750m2 showroom in Argonay dedicated to the interior will allow you to select the elements of your project directly on site or to order them from catalogues.


The renovation of an apartment or a house requires several trades. Our team of craftsmen ensures you a quality service within the right deadlines ( insulation, load-bearing walls, partitions, plumbing, joinery and distribution networks)

Single point of contact

Our team of interior designers and project managers will remain your only contact throughout the duration of the project.

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