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You own an apartment or a house and

Do you want to carry out renovations?

To renovate your home, call on our work specialists in Annecy and the surrounding area! Kitchen layout, change of your paint or wallpaper, installation of new tiling, repair of your plumbing, attic or office layout, custom dressing room, decoration, lighting, furniture, etc. We offer many interior renovation services, to make your apartment or house a place to live in your image.


Your interior project

in 3 steps

With MetamorphoZ, it's simple, we take care of your entire interior project. Bring your new or old house or apartment up to your taste and standards, in order to improve its comfort and your well-being. Completely refurbishing an apartment (complete renovation), or just one room (partial renovation) is never easy and requires the intervention of several building tradesmen. With our team of interior designers and contractors, you will be supported in your project from A to Z by our housing professionals in Annecy and surroundings. Carrying out work in a dwelling located in a condominium building requires knowledge of the regulations, procedures and steps to be followed for a smooth renovation! What are the steps to renovate an apartment or a house? How do I estimate my work budget? Validate the feasibility of your interior project? Obtain a precise schedule of intervention from our craftsmen? Follow in full transparency the progress of the renovation site? Discover below the three main stages of our services! 

First exchange and interior diagnosis

Study of your interior design project

Follow-up and coordination of interior design works

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First exchange

and interior diagnosis

From the first meeting, our interior designer collects your needs in our showroom in Argonay. To fully understand your project, this first exchange provides an immediate overview of your development and/or renovation project. At the end of this appointment, a date for the first visit to the premises is set.

During this first visit, an opinion is expressed orally on your home or purchase project. Our interior designer informs you of the key points to take into account as part of an interior design project.

Our interior designer highlights the technical aspects of your interior: insulation, load-bearing walls, partitions, plumbing, joinery and distribution networks (gas, electricity, water).

Our interior designer studies with you the possibilities of the place: optimization of spaces, lighting and redistribution of the rooms of the accommodation.

At the end of the visit, our interior designer will inform you of an initial budget envelope for the work to be considered. This is not an estimate, but an indicative and non-contractual range.

Our expertise in interior architecture allows us to integrate your interior tastes and advise you on materials, paint, equipment, furniture, decoration, lighting, bedding and furniture. furniture, visible in our showroom in Argonay.

A diagnosis before purchase can be carried out on request if you are in real estate prospecting.

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Study of

your project  of architecture

From the statement of the existing and the typology of your interior, our interior designer presents you with various proposals for the layout of your interior, using 3D projections (CAD / DAO).

Once your development project has been validated, our interior designer will present you with the full range of technical elements that will be used during the work: samples, side layout plan file, sections, elevations, electrical plan, etc.

Our interior designer then selects with you the different materials that will be used during the renovation work: tiles, parquet, paints, blinds... Another advantage, our showroom in Argonay welcomes you from Monday to Saturday to see, touch, truly select all samples of your future interior. At the end of this stage, an estimate and a description of the precise site are given to you.

Étape 3

Monitoring and coordination

interior design work

Our interior designer follows for you the evolution of the development work and coordinates the various actors present on your renovation site. Our service providers are selected for their high level of skills, all long-standing partners.

He ensures that your project is properly implemented and supervises the progress of the work and the respect of deadlines. Our interior designer will keep you informed of the smooth progress of your interior design work.

Highlight of our interior design service, our 750m2 showroom on two floors in Argonay is open from Monday to Saturday. We welcome you and advise you in a brand new setting dedicated to the interior with more than 50 referenced brands: kitchen, decoration, fittings, lighting, bathroom, blinds, paint, indoor and outdoor furniture, bedding... Everything for transform your interior in Annecy and its surroundings.

Finally, our service does not stop there. Once invoiced, each element installed, each work carried out benefits from the best guarantees. At your service, our after-sales service is there to remedy the slightest malfunction as soon as possible. You just have to enjoy your new space, in peace.



are we

Interior professionals at your service


Our interior designers are attentive to your desires and your needs in order to accompany you in the renovation of your future apartment or house.


No surprises! Our interior designers offer you solutions for  control the budget in complete transparency.


Our team of interior designers will guide you in the choice  materials, colors, furniture, decoration, lighting, equipment...


Our 750m2 showroom in Argonay dedicated to the interior will allow you to select the elements of your project directly on site or to order them from catalogues.


The renovation of an apartment or a house requires several trades. Our team of craftsmen ensures you a quality service within the right deadlines ( insulation, load-bearing walls, partitions, plumbing, joinery and distribution networks)

Single point of contact

Our team of interior designers and project managers will remain your only contact throughout the duration of the project.

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